Friday, December 18, 2009


Last Saturday, Justin took Izzy to the zoo for the first time! They went with his sister Lori, brother Blaise and his daughter Gianna (4). It was the perfect sunny beautiful day for December. The jaguar gave them a good show. It was running back and forth in front of them and them jumped onto a branch. Justin said Izzy was having a blast tracking the Jaguar. Izzy was a perfect little girl for her daddy! Gianna was a bit jealous becuase Izzy was getting a lot of the attention. On the way home, Gianna had enough of that baby named Isabella! She picked her nose and was flicking the boogers at Izzy! HA! I laughed so hard when I heard this. Poor Izzy. She had no idea what is going on! We love you Gianna...even if you flick boogers at your baby cousin! No more though, okay?!

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