Friday, December 18, 2009

Hiatt Family Christmas

We have had a busy usual! The first weekend in December was my families annual Christmas party. Our family has grown so much. This year there were three new additions to our family. Natalie who is 8mo., Izzy 6mo., and Trey 2mo. Both Tala and Sarah came up for the party. We have been spoiled to see Sarah so much this year with Izzy and Trey's births. Next year hopefully she will be home a lot as well...she can't miss their first birthdays! I'm so excited for Christmas this year. Christmas is so much fun with children. We get to experience it again through Izzy now that the boys are getting older. They are always with their mom on Christmas morning too, so this year will be especially fun to wake up with Izzy! Trey, Izzy, Great Grandma Hiatt, and NatalieGrandma, babies, and all her children together. Ty (19), Tala (27), Me(28), Sarah (31)

Izzy opening her first Christmas present from Aunt Tala and Uncle Brian. Books!!!! We love books! She was very curious about the gift. More interested in the paper more than anything.

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