Thursday, December 3, 2009

What have we been up too?

Once again...I've been a horrible blogger. I don't know why. The boys lost in the championship football games, 2nd place out of 32 teams is great though! Both teams had articles in the Kirkland Reporter. Isaiah is pictured under the "A", #94. Tyson is third one in from left in the front row, #22. They both had a really fun year and LOVE football.

Watching Tyson's game bundled up in the sweater my Aunt Polly knitted her.

Not much new with Izzy. She is eating cereal now. The first time she did NOT like it, but it seems to be growing on her. Izzy is full of laughs and hugs lately! I love it! She is still waking up a few times a night. Ugh! We have tried different things that friends and family have suggested like giving her cereal, cereal in a bottle with extra milk and nursing, staying up later, etc. Nothing has worked. Maybe it is time to have her cry it out? Not looking forward to that! Her favorite toy... tags! She loves tags and will seek them out on all her toys, blankets, etc.
Justin and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary on November 11th! We went out to Daniel's for dinner while Grandma Meredie was home with Tyson and Izzy. My friend Erin took our family pictures at the end of November. They turned out awesome! She took over 400 pictures so it has been really hard choosing our favorites! I highly recommend her if anyone is looking for a photographer. She was fantastic with our "crazy crew". I mean crazy too! Roy had his "lipstick" out the entire time, Justin was crackin his normal sick humorous jokes, and the boys joined in. I love my family. It was actually the best time we have had all together in a long time. We hosted Thanksgiving at our house. We had 12 people in all: Justin's parents, his 3 brothers, and sister, my sister Tala and her husband and son, my mom. It was great to be all together. We played games, drank, and stuffed our selves. Then on Friday we went to my step-dad's for dinner. To end the weekend, on Saturday we had a friend's Thanksgiving at the Haigh's house. It was a wonderful weekend.Grandma and 2 of 4 grandchildrenTrey curled up with his daddy and dog. "Friends Thanksgiving"
Izzy and Roy


hsumama said...

What a beautiful family! You guys make it easy on the photographer!

ajvann said...

Oh I love the family pics. So precious! Jack is still waking at night too. 7 months...I thought we'd be past this by now but we take 1 step forward and 3 back. Someday we will sleep again! We've got to get these little ones together after the crazy holidays!

Erin said...

Thanks for the shout out Jess :) Your family was definitely not crazy...well, maybe Roy and his lipstick - good thing I was able to photoshop that out ha!