Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Oh Izzy...part 2

Yesterday morning I woke up to Izzy crying "Mmmaaaammmaaaaa".  I went in to get her and she had thrown up ALL over her crib.  It was everywhere.  She didn't have a fever, but she definitely wasn't her chipper self. She seemed to get better throughout the day.  Today was the first day of school and I was heading in with Izzy to say hi to the kids and my jobshare partner.  On the way, Izzy starts throwing up again!  Poor boo girl.  It was seriously like a faucet was turned on.  Luckily all the puke was on her and the car seat.  When we got home, I unstrapped the car seat and carried Izzy in it into the house.  Immediately stripped her down, put her in the bath, snuggled with her and put her to bed.  I went downstairs to clean up the car seat by taking it back outside to rinse off then taking all the pads off,  however my lovely dog Roy had done most of it for me.  GROSS!  He had licked up all the puke.  GROSS! To add to an even more frustrating day, I can't figure out how to take the pads off to wash them.  Guess we won't be going anywhere for awhile!  The joys of motherhood...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Oh Izzy!

Izzy has been toying with the idea of walking.  She would always take maximum 4 steps then go right into her bear crawl.  While we were camping at Banks Lake this past weekend (pics and details to come), Izzy started walking!  Full force!  So fun to watch her waddle around.

Another exciting story... this morning I was changing Izzy's wet diaper and she was fighting me when I tried to put another one on. So, instead of fighting her I let her "airout" for a bit. Literally a bit...I walked around the corner to feed Roy. As I came back around the corner I smelt something icky...then I saw a couple little logs laying on our carpet! Izzy pooped! It was so funny how quick it happened. I was laughing out loud. I had thought about taking a picture, but then quickly came to my senses knowing not a single person wants to see my daughter's poop! After I cleaned Izzy up and put a diaper on her, I went to clean up the poopies. Once again I rounded the corner and found Izzy washing her hands in Roy's water dish and EATING his food!!!! Oh boy...I need to keep an eye on her!

Monday, August 9, 2010

New classroom...loads to be done!

I've moved up from ADK and I'll be teaching first grade this year with my friend Anna.  I'll be working 2 days, then 3 days a week like I have been.  It is the best work week so I can still play the at home mommy/wife, but also keep my foot in the door. We have been going into school a couple times every week trying to get organized.  We started off painting and now moving on to organizing.  I have a gallon each of the two blues in the picture above if anyone is interested in buying it off me at a good deal!!!  Perfect for a boys bedroom/nursery!We are combining two whole classrooms into one, so there is a mountain of stuff!  I'll post the finished product.  What a mess!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Birthday Pictures

My friend Amy took these photos of Izzy's birthday party...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Izzy turns 1!

Now that the craziness of school is done and Izzy's first birthday party has come and gone, I feel like I can get back to the world of blogging!

Izzy turned one on June 24th. I still can't believe my baby girl is turning into a toddler...where is the pause button? She is full of life! Her personality is shining more and more. Most times she is happy, giggly and always shaking her booty (video coming soon)! Occasionally, we see this two headed monster come out of her. She will have a split minute happy, the next being sassy. Oh boy, are we in trouble! Izzy has eight teeth now! Four up top and four below. Her weight is in the 50% (20 lbs. 12 oz.), 75% in height (30in). No walking yet for our boo girl. She will occasionally take 2-4 steps and then figure crawling is faster. She is in NO RUSH to walk! I'm okay with that too, although it would be nice to go to a park and have her explore by walking instead of being toted around by mom.

For Izzy's birthday, the boys, Justin and I went to the Old Spaghetti Factory. Izzy got her own plate of spaghetti and went to town. Surprisingly she wasn't as messy as I anticipated. She also had her first taste of spumoni and loved it!

Here is the video of Izzy's Spaghetti Feed.

For her big 1st celebration, we had her party at our house. Her first experience with the cake was awesome! I really can't describe it, you have to see the video. I'll post the cake video and pictures of her party soon.

For now, here are pictures of her first year...

Monday, April 26, 2010

Grandma Donna's Birthday

We had the family over to celebrate Justin's mom's birthday yesterday. The weather couldn't have been better. All of the Donna's children were present and all but one grandchild was also there to celebrate. Happy Birthday Donna! Grandma Donna, Gianna (4), Izzy (10mo.), Tyson (13), Isaiah (9)Family hanging out in the front lawn.Daddy and his little girl.Izzy LOVED the "airplane" ride!Mouth full of teeth...
Gianna, Tyson, and Isaiah had so much fun chasing each other and of course tackling one another! I love Sundays like this!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Winter/Spring in pictures...

Izzy meet her Great Grandpa Larson a couple of weeks ago. Grandpa and Margaret travel a ton and spend 6months of the year in Ireland, so it was a real treat to spend some time with them. Of course Izzy captured both great grandparents. I loved seeing my grandpa interact with Izzy. There's little glimpse of my dad there. I wish he was here to see Izzy. He would have been so in love with her. I bet my dad is her guardian angel. XO dad.

My dad's sister, Aunt Michele and Izzy.
Izzy, Chloe and the mommas.
Carter loves Isaiah! It is so cute. He kept going up to Isaiah and Isaiah would carry him around. Little buddies!
Auntie Megs and Chopper
Cousin Trey with Uncle Justin at Tyson's game.

First time at the pool.

Naked time...

First time at the Aquarium on Valentine's day.

Izzy, Westyn, and Makena during the Super Bowl game.

Buddy Makena! Makena is one day older than Izzy.

First flowers from a boy! Harper was so sweet to bring these over for Izzy. Of course the went right into the mouth!