Monday, April 20, 2009

Tis the season...for BASEBALL!

This weekend was filled with baseball. Friday night, we took the boys to the M's game along with Justin's brother Blaise and our neice Gianna. We had a great time. Most times the boys start to get really antsy and want to leave early, so we figured it would be an early night but Gianna (3) and the boys were awesome. We did end up leaving after the 7th inning stretch. I think we the parents were the tired ones!

Griffey at bat.

Two goofballs! They adore each other and it is so cute to watch!

Saturday started off with Isaiah's first game. Unfortunately the other team had a mix up and ended up not showing. So the Rockhounds (Isaiah's team) had a scrimmage against themselves. Isaiah had an awesome at bat and made it all around the bases safely! Tyson was next up for game time. His team 10 runned the other team with a very close call in the thrid inning. The first inning, we had 5 runs! Tyson was 2nd at bat and hit a nice one just past short stop. In the 3rd inning, the opposing team got 5 runs...we were nervous about loosing the lead but the boys stepped it up and closed down the game early in the 5th inning with the 10 run lead. Ending score 16-5! The Red Sox are number one still and are rocking with a 5-1 record! Way to go Red Sox!

Isaiah smacking the ball.

Tyson on the go!
In between games, my dad came over to help hang the curtains and shelf for me in the nursery! We are all set except I still need to find fabric to recover the glider cushions. I'm having a hard time with it. I wanted to post pictures when it was all complete, but I just might need to bite the bullet and post the pictures without the new covers for the glider...maybe later this week!

Enjoy the beautiful day!

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Keri said...

Great seeing you at the little league game! We play you guys again this year so let's plan to sit together next time! You look great and I'm getting so excited for our little girls to be here!!! Love ya.