Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

Hope everyone had a nice Easter! Tala and Brian came up this weekend and like always it was so nice to have them here. I'm so sad they left. Saturday my family and I went to Tyson's baseball game. Yes it is that time again! So far, they have 5 wins and 1 loss. Tyson is doing really well. He plays second base and his fielding is amazing. Rarely does a ball get by him. His confidence at bat is definitely there this year too! It is very entertaining to watch the 12 year olds play ball...much more fun than the pros. After baseball, my family came over for a BBQ and games to celebrate Easter. Meghan was there too! It was great to see her and hang out. She brought her dog Chopper (bull dog) over and Tala had her dog Cali (Jack Russell/Chihuahua), plus my mom and dad's dog Scout (Jack Russell) and Roy. The dogs were so tuckered by the end of the night. We had quite a few laughs at them. Roy taught all of them how to hump each other... for those of you who don't know Roy we think he likes boys over girls! He tends to leave the girls alone. :) Poor Chopper who had his first experience with this. HA! Sunday morning my family was over again for a brunch and then Justin and I headed to his parents house for games and dinner.
Today marks my 30 weeks! I can't believe I'm almost there. Things are getting more uncomfortable. Just simply getting up off the coach takes a ton of effort and usually involves some grunting! Teaching kindergartners also has become challenging. I have to move a lot from child to child and I'm up and down a ton to get on their level. I was getting the tightness in the tummy again each day I taught last week. Friday I tried sitting as much as I could and had the children come to me. Still a challenge, because they still need a lot of guidance from me. I got my test results back from the Glucose testing and I'm "on the edge". I tested at 131 and they don't like to see anyone above 130. Since Diabetes does not run in my family, they are not too concerned. They also found that I'm slightly anemic. So with all of this news, I need to really focus on my diet and make sure I'm cutting sugar and adding iron. No more cupcakes for me!

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