Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend

We started our Thanksgiving festivities by heading out to Pub 85 In Kirkland on Wednesday to see some friends. We ended up having a great time. I was finally feeling better, so I hung out the whole night and was the DD!

On Thanksgiving day, we headed to my parents house. Justin's family was there too. It was nice to have both of our families under one roof to celebrate! We had many great conversations from politics to Colon cleansing! Tala and Brian were in town with their dog Cali too! Grandma Hiatt came over as well. Both my family and Justin's love to play games, so we played chicken foot dominoes and Justin and I came in first and second place! WHOOO!

Tala posing with my black lab Roy. Roy is 4 and he has a grey chin already! He is the sweetest dog I've ever known and his fur still feels like a puppy. So adorable! Okay... I may be a bit bias!
I love you Aunt Tala!!!!

Isaiah and Roy cuddling while playing what games.

On Friday, my niece Gianna came over. She will be 3 after Christmas. She was so much fun to have around. I need a little girl around more often!

Gianna LOVES Roy and Roy Loves Gianna! I pulled out a couple of crowns I had in a closet so she could be a princess and she followed Roy around trying to put the crown on him. It was really cute. They just follow each other around and love to cuddle!

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The Opsahls said...

Hey Jessica! I'm glad you found us :) Congratulations on your pregnancy -- it will be fun to follow along since we're due so close together. Hope things are going well!!