Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Back to blogging...

Yay! We got a camera for Christmas!!! Finally I can start posting pictures again. My ultrasound went well two weeks ago. The baby was super active in there...hmmm maybe like dad! It was really fun to watch. We were in awe! The little hand went across the screen and we could see all of the fingers and bones. It was so amazing. The baby was stretching out a lot too which was super cute. I'll post the pictures when I can get to a scanner. We were unable to tell what the sex is with all the movement. Our next ultrasound will be at the end of January. Hopefully we will find out then if the baby lets us. I'm farther along than what they originally thought too. I am 16w and 2d today! Time seems to be going quicker now.
We had a nice Christmas. It was low key. My sister Sarah was up from LA which was really nice to see her. Tala and Brian weren't able to come up because of all the weather. We have been laying low and catching movies here and there. We went and saw Marley and Me. Loved it! If you are a dog owner it is a must see. We had many connections to the movie. It made us appreciate Roy even more than we do. Other things we have been up too...

My niece Gianna turned 3 yesterday! We went out to dinner to celebrate and then to Cold Stone Ice cream for dessert. She is such a cutie! We bought her a barbie and a baby doll. Girls are so much fun to buy for!

Today Katie and the babies and Trina and the girls came over for lunch. The boys were out numbered for once in my house today! They left to run errands while the girls and Carter hung out for some well needed girl time!

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