Sunday, December 14, 2008

I have turned a corner!

That's right! I am feeling so much better. It is amazing how I have somewhat forgotten what morning sickness was like already! I had my 13 week appointment on Friday where I heard the heart beat. It was so amazing! Now I really feel pregnant. I have an ultra sound scheduled for 6:50am on Tuesday. Justin wasn't too happy to hear the what time we have to get up, but we are both excited to see our baby again. I'm anxious to see if the baby is still a week behind what I thought. I'll keep you posted! We might be able to find out the sex too! If we can, we will have them write it down in a card and we will open it on Christmas morning. It is still early, so who knows what we will or won't see! I'm starting to show a bit. Looks like I have a beer belly. Ha! I'm still able to fit into my jeans, however I'm not very comfortable. I look like I have a muffin top because my jeans are so tight...oh well! It is all worth it. I do have the Bella Band, so I can unbutton the top of my jeans for some relief! I'll post a picture soon of my growing tummy. I'm hoping Santa will bring me a new camera!!! My camera is 5 years old and isn't taking very good pictures. Plus, I still can't find my camera cord.

This weekend, my sister turns 30 and my brother turns 18! Two memorable and specials years for them. It will be a great weekend...both of my sisters will be in town! I'm so excited!!! I miss them. It isn't very often where my whole family is together at once. Cannot wait! Friday we are having dinner to celebrate Ty and Sarah's birthdays, then on Saturday we have our Hiatt family Christmas party on my mom's side. We have a very large family and always have a ton of fun.


ajvann said...

So glad you are feeling better. Can't wait to see that cute little belly of yours!

Keri said...

Hi Jess! Can't believe you may find out the sex on Tuesday! We go in for our 13 week appt on Monday - I love the idea of writing it on a card and opening it Christmas Day! Glad to hear you are feeling better. Have a wonderful Christmas!

Erin said...

Hi Jess - I haven't seen you forever, but found your blog and love to see what you've been up to. Congratulations on your pregnancy! I just LOVE the idea about writing down the sex and opening it up on Christmas - that would be so exciting!
Merry Christmas