Saturday, October 4, 2008

Blustery Day

Five years ago today Justin and I met at WSU. We were both visiting for the homecoming game. I love him so much and am so thankful he came into my life. Timing is everything...we had been in the same places a few times and knew some of the same people, but never crossed paths until 10/4/03!

Coachella 2007

We had a flag football game for Isaiah in the pouring rain. Isaiah is getting so big it is crazy to think how time has flown by. He made his first touchdown today! It was awesome! He actually had to run a ways and made the touchdown just in time! We are so proud of him. We decided to bring Roy...never a good idea in the rain. He always steps on my feet. (I was wearing my Uggs. They are so dirty.) To top that, he jumped up on me and got me all dirty down the front of me. He has been acting like a puppy lately. He has been having some hip/joint problems so we bought him some treats with Glucosamine. They seem to really be helping him. He has so much energy now it is crazy... what happened to my mellow 4yr. old lab? When he has these treats its like giving a two year old candy. I guess its better than seeing him limp around. I hated seeing him in pain. He still occasionally limps if we excersice him too much, but its not as much now. After Isaiah's game we went to Tyson's football game in the wind! I got my weekends mixed up and we were headed to Issaquah H.S. when we found out that the game was at Juanita H.S. Nothing like a good drive on a Saturday. We made it in plenty of time. I told Justin that I did it on purpose so that I wouldn't have to sit in the wind and rain! It was so windy that the benches on the field blew over at the same time! Brrrrr. I was glad to get home. Fall is definately here.

Tomorrow the Hawks play the Giants at 10am! Go Hawks!!!!
This picture was taken at the opening game for the Hawks. Aren't they cute with their beaks? :)

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