Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tala's Wedding Weekend

Last weekend was Tala's wedding. I can't believe it is over. I was so excited for the day to come and now that it is over I'm sad! We had such a fun time and Tala was so pretty. I think I left my USB cord for my camera in my mom's car, so I'll post my pictures when I get it back, but for now Quincy has sent pictures that I posted... Here we are...all the bridesmaids and the bride at the rehersal. From left to right top row: Sarah (sister), Joleen (childhood friend), Me (sister), Liz (Oregon friend), Quincy (Oregon friend), bottom row: Misty (WSU~DG), Tala (bride), Meghan (WSU~DG).

We all got ready at this little salon in Oregon. It reminded me of Trudy's salon in Steal Magnolias! We had mimosas, fruit, cheese and crackers while we got ready. My mom looked soooo beautiful. The prettiest I have ever seen her! Hot mama!
Tala wore this ice mask becuase she woke up the morning of with swollen eyes and hives!!! A brides worst nightmare! My mom and us three girls stayed at the Westin together the night before and tala had put on the hotel moisturizer. When we all woke up and saw Tala's face we were worried. Sarah and I ran to Rite Aid and picked up a bag full of different meds. She ended up taking the benadryl every 4 hours leading up to the wedding. Since she was only taking one pill at a time she wasn't drowsy and the hives and swelling went down!

Ohhlala! We were all staring at her in awe during her photo shoot!
Greg and Tala's dance... isn't her dress pretty?

The bride and groom. I love the flowers in Tala's hair. You can't see them very well. When the professional pictures are online, I will post the link....I can't wait to see them!!! Tala and Brian are in Europe for their honeymoon. They started in Amsterdam and are going to Germany next and ending in Venice. I'm excited to see their pictures and hear all about it. Now that the wedding is over, we have to get these two newlyweds to move home!

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Joleen said...

I totally agree! Our next mission is to get them to move home, quickly!