Monday, October 13, 2008

Got Candles?

So it's that time of year when candles are lit in my house non stop. My husband calls me a pyro...and yes I consider myself to be one too. There are three types of candle burners. (1) the duster: someone who dusts their candles and never lites them. (2) burner: someone who burns candles occasionally. (3) Pyro: someone who burns candles nightly. I love candles! They just set the mood especially in the fall and cozy and my house smells wonderful! Of course I only burn one kind of candle and that is PartyLite. They are made of paraffin wax and have cotton wicks...NO LEAD (safe for families and pets)! I swear once you start burning PartyLite candles you won't go back to the gross generic kind. So, do you "got candles"? If you are in need of some candle ambiance and/or gift ideas... check out the catalog online and put an email into me, your candle lady, for an order! You won't be disappointed! I'll be submitting an order for October on 10/27...get your order in!


Shelby said...

Hi Jess! I'm loving the blog - you and your boys make such a wonderful family :) It's wonderful to see you so happy! And pass along my congrats to Tala! So exciting!

Leah Shepherd said...

I'll be hitting you up around Thanksgiving for some holiday candles - mmmm, my fave : )