Thursday, October 29, 2009

What a whirl wind of a month. I can't believe that it is the end of October already. I have been super busy with school conferences and all of us have been sick in some form or another. Before the weather turned poor, we hit Greenlake a couple of times. Greenlake is one of our favorite places to go. Justin and I started going there shortly after we met and it was actually our first "date" with Tyson six years ago! It's been a lot of fun walking around the lake with Izzy. She loves it! We love watching her take EVERYTHING in. Roy LOVES Greenlake too. He gets to go swimming, which is his favorite thing to do. Not sure if we will get anymore Greenlake days in now that the weather is cold and wet.
Here are some random shots of Izzy that I just couldn't resist posting. She is so cute and a ton of fun! She is such a easy going baby. She has been extra cuddly since she has been sick...she isn't much of a cuddler normally. She is too busy experiencing everything else. I'm trying to soak up all that cuddle time while I can! Izzy found her feet and of course loves them! They are in her mouth more than her hands. I guess now is the only time that is acceptable...get those toes Izzy! We had her 4 month check up today and she weighs 14 obs. 11.5oz (75-90%), 25inches long (75-90%) and her head circumference is 41.2cm (50-75%). She is growing very nicely. She is getting stronger and stronger each day. I swear she changes each day too. Such a love bug.

Pouty face...melts my heart.

Justin called me upstairs...Izzy was watching Sesame Street. Zoned in! So cute.

Auntie Dett- My Big Sis in my sorority came to visit.

Tala's best friend got married the day after Trey was born. Tala was her maid of honor and was not able to go to the wedding. We went to represent. Jo was a stunning bride. I cried when I saw her she was that beautiful. Izzy's first formal function. Grandma of course outfitted her in an adorable pink dress. She had patten leather shoes too. Izzy is fascinated by Justin right now! I love watching them interact. She can't get enough of him!

We headed to Portland to visit Tala and meet Trey. He is so adorable and slept through the night a few times! I can't believe it! Of course Izzy was out of sorts being away from home, so she was up every 3 hours each night. It was like I had the newborn instead of Tala. Aunt Sarah was in town too! Always fun times when the three of us girls get to be together.

Wearing her witch Halloween socks and bib...Thanks Grandma! I swear every outfit she is in is from Grandma! SO SPOILED!

AHHHH! At last I hold my nephew!

The ever expanding Larson clan...when will Sarah join us???? :)

Cousins. Trey is very big by the way. He weighed 9.3 at birth. His hands and feet are bigger than Izzy's!


Auntie Megs- My Little Sis in my sorority and Tala's best friend was down in Portland with us. She is very good with both babies!

Sleeping momma. Snuggle time. I miss those days!


Trisha said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun with your family and friends this month. I love seeing all the pictures of Izzy...she's so cute! I can't wait to meet her in person!

Jen said...

Looks like the Andrews family has been busy lately! Izzy is gorgeous and so is Trey! Love your latest pics x

Aunt Kathy said...

Love being able to see the baby pictures. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to make your relatives happy! See you soon.

Tara Holmes said...

I LOVE how you and Tala get to go through this together. So special. My baby outweighs yours at 8 weeks (chunk). Izzy is so pretty her hair.

Leah said...

Izzy is such a gorgeous little girl. She is growing so much!