Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Honey Bee Baby...

On Halloween we had football for both boys, so naturally Izzy was dressed up in her honey bee costume for both games. It certainly kept her warm on such a cool day and she was a big hit with the crowd. Both boys' teams made it to the playoffs...Tyson's team is still undefeated and Isaiah's team came in first place for the regular season and going strong. This Saturday marks the semi finals for both teams. If we win, then we move on to the finals! SO exciting for both boys. Our family LOVES football! After football, Isaiah (who was an alien) had a couple friends over to trick or treat and Tyson being 13 now headed off to a friends house to hang out. 13? I know! Aunt Stacy

Uncle Ty and Katie.Best Friends and Champs...Jake and Tyson
On Friday,we stopped by Justin's work to show off the honey bee. We were able to see Carter and Chloe Thurik dressed as a dalmatian and kitty. Also posed with Uncle Blaise.
Sunday, we visited with Auntie Trina and the girls. Izzy loves Grace and Chloe! They are really great with her too. Too much time had gone by without seeing Auntie Trina and the girls. Soon they will be off to Hawaii were Trina's fiance Justin has been relocated for the Marines. We will miss them SO much, but will have a place to stay in Hawaii when we come to visit this summer!

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Donnie and Jen Brown said...

JESS!!! your family is adorable also!! its so fun to catch up on the blogs!