Sunday, March 22, 2009

A cousin for Isabella!

My little sister is pregnant! We are thrilled for Tala and Brian. It is so exciting to know that our children will be so close in age. Our family gatherings will be so much more fun! Tala is 11 weeks along. She had her first ultrasound last Wednesday and everything was great! She has been feeling terrible however...poor thing. Like me, she cannot stand the smell of garlic and she is craving sweets! HMMMM...a girl? Who knows! My whole family is leaning towards a boy. Time will reveal! Tala and Brian are due October 14th! It has been fun talking to Tala and giving her advice on her pregnancy. Most of all, I enjoy our "pregnancy moments" that we have together, like forgetting mid sentence what we were even saying, having emotional ups and downs, etc.... Tala and Brian are looking for a "gently used crib" if anyone knows of someone who is no longer in need of one!! Congratulations Tala and Brian!!!!

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