Friday, March 13, 2009

Hawaiian Babymoon

Justin and I were spent 9 days, 8 nights on Oahu last week. It was so relaxing to be away from the hustle and bustle. This will be our last trip until Izzy arrives. The weather was so so. Most days were cloudy with sun breaks, which still wasn't bad. We only had one day of down pour and drizzle. We stayed at the Hilton Hawaiian Village at the end of Waikiki, so we were able to walk into town and do a little shopping. I would say we walked 3-4 miles a day. It felt so good! The first night there, I dropped our new camera in the case and shattered the screen. I was so bummed, but luckily we had our camcorder that has a picture feature!

View from our room.

Belly shots.

We rented a car and ventured to the northshore beach one day. The waves are much bigger on the northshore and you get a more local feeling than tourist which Justin and I both love. On the way there we stopped by the DOLE plantation and had a very yummy lunch and pineapple ice cream! YUM!

Northshore beach during the mid afternoon.
Northshore beach a little farther down the road at sunset. The waves were gigantic!

Northshore sunset.

Another day, we flew to Hawaii for a day trip. Our trip to was much different than what we expected. We have been to Maui and Oahu before, so thought an island that neither one of us has seen before would be fun. Not much to see there in Hilo...infact I felt like I was in Aberdeen! We couldn't find a cute restaurant or anything. Our highlights to the Big Island were driving down the coast to a small hick town, hiking the Kilauea Iki at the Volcanoes National Park, and seeing the Rainbow Falls. The Kilauea Iki hike was 4 miles, it descends 400 ft. through a native rain forest and into a crater where we walked across the frozen lava lake from the 1959 eruption. Then we had to hike back to the top! I was so proud of myself!!! Of course we took it slow and stopped several times so that I wouldn't over do it. As we were about to head back to the airport to catch our flight to Hawaii, I couldn't find my passport! The tickets were under my maiden name, so I had to use my passport to fly. I was so scared that I wouldn't be able to get back. Luckily I had kept my old driver's license with my maiden name on it! Whew! The only bummer about my passport is that it had my St. Lucia stamp from our wedding. I cried over it...those darn hormones!

Start of the hike in the rain forest.

Peek at what was to come...the frozen lava lake! That is what we crossed over! It was huge! Justin near a steam hole on the frozen lava lake.
Climbing out of the crater.
A look back at what we just hiked! We started clear across the other side on the top!

The end is near!!!!
Rainbow Falls.

So a very nice woman offered to take our picture with the waterfall behind us. She was definitely on something by her shakiness (hence the fuzzy picture :( ) and the way she was talking and moving about. I seriously thought she was going to drop our camcorder! Thank God she didn't!


Troy and Ashley said...

Love the pictures Jess! Your belly shots in the bikini are great. How nice that you guys were able to get away and relax.

Jen said...

Love the pics and am SO jealous! I was born in Hilo and lived there when I was a baby-not the most exciting place but at least you got to see a different side to Hawaii-Kona is much nicer! You are looking super cute in your bikini-fun pic to show your daughter someday ;).

thuriks said...

Glad you had such a nice time. You look adorable in the bikini shots!

Trisha said...

Looked like you both had such a great time! I have a lot of extended family in Kona so I agree with you...much better than Hilo! =) Loved the pictures of Oahu too...I miss Hawaii.