Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fun times...

We had Tala's bachelorette party this weekend! We went to the Can Can in Seattle and then out and about in the area. The Can Can was so fun. We had dinner and watched the show. The show had two ladies and three men and was kind of like a Moulin Rouge show...entertaining! Tala went up on stage with other brides in the audience. She looked so beautiful! She is going to make such a beautiful bride. Her wedding is this weekend! It is going to be soooo much fun!
Tala with five out of seven bridesmaids. Tala gave all of her bridesmaids these cute teal tanks that say "Bridesmaid" on them. Her tank top said "Bride".
My cousin Jaymee, me, and my sisters Tala and Sarah. It's not often that we are in the same spot, let alone the same state!

Love this random moment when Meghan and Trina jumped on the back of these boys' bikes!

Friday night, we had family over for a BBQ. We had quite the spread...salmon, steak, asparugus, twiced baked patoes and more. It was the best meal we have made in some time.

Momma Donna and Uncle Wesley

"Uncle Pig" & "Uncle Tino"


thuriks said...

You girls look so pretty. Tala will be a beautiful Bride we are so bummed to be missing the wedding. Have a safe trip. Love you.

Leah Shepherd said...

I can't believe Tala is getting married! How grown up we all are : ) Tell her congrats for me. She looks beautiful.