Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ocean Shores

We went to Ocean Shores this weekend for a family vacation. My parents were out of town so their dog Scout and my brother Ty came along for the ride. We had such a great time...along with some funny stories to share. The first day there and only a few hours in, Isaiah buried Roy's chuck-it in the sand and then walked away leaving his flip flops behind as well! We spent at least an hour looking for them. Needless to say it was a lost cause. :) I looked the next morning hoping that the wind would have uncovered the bright orange chuck it, but no such luck. The boys flew kites, built sand forts and fire pits. Roy had a ton of fun fetching his ball in the ocean! He loves to swim. On Friday, we put both dogs in the car because Justin and I were going to go get firewood, smore makings, and let the dogs nap. However, as soon as we put them in the car, my parent's dog stepped on the lock button and locked the keys and both dogs in the car! Thankfully the car was not running! I walked for about 45min round trip to the nearest! When I called the locksmith, they reported that my car had ben unlocked but not by them! A police officer had flashed his laser light on the lock button and Scout hit it and voila the car was unlocked! All in all it was a fun trip!

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Blaise said...

I love the site! great to see you guys having a wonderful would not be a vacation with out the missing sandals and dogs locking themselves in the car! thanks for sharing.

lots of love,