Friday, August 29, 2008

Graham Wedding

Last weekend we went to Hood River to see our close friends, Wes and Courtney get married! We stayed in Stevenson at the Skamania Lodge. The picture above is a view from our room! It was so beautiful there. The wedding took place on the Oregon side of the Columbia River at The Columbia Gorge Hotel...another beautiful location. We arrived Friday night for the rehersal and rehersal dinner. Justin was in the wedding. He has known Wes since Junior High (I think...maybe longer). It is really cool because Wes has a son Connor and him and Tyson are great friends too! Connor was Wes' Best Man. He did a fantastic job. So grown up!

Connor, Isaiah, and Tyson before heading to Rehersal.

I took this picture from where Courtney and Wes stood for there ceremony...stunning!

Connor and Tyson having fun at Rehersal dinner.

When we got back to the hotel, Frankie was singing and playing the guitar out on the deck. He is an amazing musician. He played and sang "Better Together" by Jack Johnson for Courtney and Wes' first dance.

Both boys love music...they can tell you who is playing on the radio within seconds of the song starting. I think it is amazing! Tyson is taking guitar lessons and is becoming very good. I'm so glad that he has found something that he enjoys and can soar at.

Tyson and Justin listening to Frankie play....

Isaiah too! I love this picture!

Courtney and Wes had tropical destinations as there table names...we were at the St. Lucia table! St. Lucia is were we got married almost 2 years ago. So sweet of them to incorporate our special place into their wedding!

Brady, Sarah and the Andresons sat with us.

Connor gave the Best Man speech.
Can you tell we are all having soooo much fun!Isaiah was collecting these bugs in the centerpiece holder! He loves to collect bugs. He did it in St. Lucia too.

I LOVE this picture! Capture that little boy!! What a great weekend! Thank you Courtney and Wes!

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