Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Winter/Spring in pictures...

Izzy meet her Great Grandpa Larson a couple of weeks ago. Grandpa and Margaret travel a ton and spend 6months of the year in Ireland, so it was a real treat to spend some time with them. Of course Izzy captured both great grandparents. I loved seeing my grandpa interact with Izzy. There's little glimpse of my dad there. I wish he was here to see Izzy. He would have been so in love with her. I bet my dad is her guardian angel. XO dad.

My dad's sister, Aunt Michele and Izzy.
Izzy, Chloe and the mommas.
Carter loves Isaiah! It is so cute. He kept going up to Isaiah and Isaiah would carry him around. Little buddies!
Auntie Megs and Chopper
Cousin Trey with Uncle Justin at Tyson's game.

First time at the pool.

Naked time...

First time at the Aquarium on Valentine's day.

Izzy, Westyn, and Makena during the Super Bowl game.

Buddy Makena! Makena is one day older than Izzy.

First flowers from a boy! Harper was so sweet to bring these over for Izzy. Of course the went right into the mouth!

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