Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Busy baby yet.

We have had quite the, my brother's high school graduation and getting things ready for the baby.
Tyson and Justin's team came in first place for the playoffs for Kirkland American Little League Major's! It was very exciting and a huge accomplishment for both. We then went on to play for the Kirkland City Championship against Kirkland National Little League, but unfortunately we did not win this game. So, baseball is officially over for the regular season. My boys however love baseball so much! Justin is coaching the All Star team and Tyson is playing on it. Practices start today and the tournaments start mid July. Along with All Star games, Tyson plays for the Kirkland Knights (select team in the summer). They have a tournament coming up in Moses Lake soon, but Justin and I will not be going since we will have newborn. As much as I dislike how time consuming baseball is for my family, I absolutely love watching Tyson play and Justin coach. Justin is an amazing coach. He really connects to the boys and inspires them to be great ball players and people. It is cool to see the kids look up to him.

Ty graduated high school last Saturday! I can't believe he is done with high school. We are SO proud of him. He has really busted his buns the last couple of years to graduate on time. He is so grown up and has turned into a gentleman! I can't wait to see what he does in the future with his life. He has a very talented entrepreneur mind. Way to go Ty!

Tyson also had his 6th grade promotion. He is now moving on to Kirkland Junior High! Cannot believe how fast time has gone. He was just starting first grade when I met him. His teacher for the past two years have been Brady Howden. Tyson has been so fortunate to have a teacher like Mr. Howden. We have seen Tyson soar to success in his class!

We also celebrated Tala's 27th birthday and gave Isaiah a mullet! Just kidding...we took pictures partway through the hair cut. He now has a buzz cut and looks adorable!

As far as baby news...there is none! I'm so bummed. I was hoping to have Izzy by now. Sarah and Tala are both coming up this weekend and it would be nice to have Izzy. Otherwise I don't know when Sarah will be back up to visit. I've been trying everything in the book for inducing labor naturally! Any ideas for me moms out there? I've tried walking, bouncing on an exercise ball, reflexology, pedicures, red leaf tea, spicy foods, and the act that got us here in the first place! I'm dilated to a 1 on the inside of my cervix and a 2 on the outside. SLOWLY getting there. My cervix is still high and set back. :( If I don't deliver by next Monday, we will have the conversation about inducing within 1-1 1/2 weeks. I asked if we could induce on Monday, but my doc advised against it since most first time moms who do elective inductions end up with a c-section. Send positive thoughts my way!!!!
She doesn't even look pregnant when she stands next to gigantic ME!


Keri said...

Have you tried rasberry leaf tea? That's what worked for Ashley. Also, nipple stimulation releases the hormone oxytocin which could help induce labor as well (so does sperm if you're up for some hot sex...but if you're feeling like me - probably not :) Finally, walking walking walking - the last thing you wanna do but it never hurts! Good luck and I know we will be hearing the news VERY soon. LOVE YOU!!!

Troy and Ashley said...

Oh Jess - I feel your pain. Izzy will be here so soon! Get as much rest as you can in the days leading up to her arrival as you will be deprived for a long time. Like Keri mentioned, I bought Raspberry leaf tea from Whole Foods the day I went into labor and it obviously worked. Who knows if it was just a coincidence but it's worth a try.

Baby Carpinito said...

A prenatal massage, acupuncture with the machine that manipulates the needles and a ton of walking can also help! But like Ash said enjoy the time you do have right now. I know you want to meet her and are sooo uncomfortable but take advantage of some alone time. Maybe go see a movie and take as many naps as you can!

thuriks said...

She can't stay in there forever!!!! Just think how healthy and plump that little baby will be when she makes her debut! I'm so proud of you. We can't wait for the phone call, very soon I'm sure. hugs.