Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Oh Izzy!

Izzy has been toying with the idea of walking.  She would always take maximum 4 steps then go right into her bear crawl.  While we were camping at Banks Lake this past weekend (pics and details to come), Izzy started walking!  Full force!  So fun to watch her waddle around.

Another exciting story... this morning I was changing Izzy's wet diaper and she was fighting me when I tried to put another one on. So, instead of fighting her I let her "airout" for a bit. Literally a bit...I walked around the corner to feed Roy. As I came back around the corner I smelt something icky...then I saw a couple little logs laying on our carpet! Izzy pooped! It was so funny how quick it happened. I was laughing out loud. I had thought about taking a picture, but then quickly came to my senses knowing not a single person wants to see my daughter's poop! After I cleaned Izzy up and put a diaper on her, I went to clean up the poopies. Once again I rounded the corner and found Izzy washing her hands in Roy's water dish and EATING his food!!!! Oh boy...I need to keep an eye on her!


Tara Holmes said...

So funny! Jackson started walking when we were camping too (maybe crawling on dirt isn't as appealing). AND he pooped on the bathroom rug yesterday as I was brushing my teeth after his bath. You were probably right about the picture--Jackson stepped in his. Ew!!! Yeah for Izzy!

Jeanne said...

Hilarious! But thank you for not taking a picture. Ha ha!