Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Kenny Chesney

Last Saturday Justin and I had our first date night since Izzy was born. My mom and sister watched Izzy for us. I was nervous leaving her only because we were going to be gone for 7-8 hours. Plus it was during the evening and that seems to be when Izzy is the most needy. Things went great and everyone survived! Justin and I had such a great time at the concert. Five artist performed and we saw three of them...Montgomery Gentry, Sugarland, and Kenny Chesney. Sugarland was amazing in concert and of course Kenny was too! We had floor tickets, which were cool but at the same time Qwest is huge so we still were a ways back from the stage. Kenny made his entrance on this suspended chair and floated right above us. He is so him! Right before Kenny came on it was last call for beer so on my out of the bathroom from pumping and dumping, I grabbed us each a beer. When I got back to our seats, Justin had done the same! There was this 25 year old obnoxious girl behind us. I only say obnoxious because she was totally hitting on Justin. Justin being the nice guy he is was clueless to her flirting and was so taking this girl's bait until I told him to stop talking to her! This girl saw that we had extra beers and reached over a took one! How rude!!! She then looked at me and said, "Sorry I took your boyfriend's beer!" with a stupid smile on her face. I then said, "actually he's my husband... and that was my beer." It really was! She then tried to offer us $5 (beers at Qwest cost at least 7.50) which we denied and just let her have our beer. She was with her mom who was so sweet and she kept telling her daughter to give us the beer back. Other than that it was really nice to be "US" again. All my energy and time goes to Isabella, so it felt fantastic to have one on one time as husband and wife again!Aunt Tala and her preggo belly getting some practice in by babysitting Izzy.

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Troy and Ashley said...

How fun - Jess you look beautiful!!!