Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Thank you!

We just wanted to thank everyone for the overwhelming support! We have the best families and friends! So just as I start to feel a bit better, a day like yesterday happens. I just felt horrible all day long. Thankfully I didn't have to work. I am so blessed to have my job share partner, Diane! She is the best! I truly believe that we were brought into each others lives for a reason. She is a huge support and has become a truly great friend. Diane works Monday and Tuesday and I work Thursday and Friday. Then we alternate our Wednesdays. It is so great if we ever need time off because we just trade days so we don't need to use our personal/sick time. It is wonderful for the kindergartners too because they rarely get a substitute.

Today I am feeling pretty good. I think I'll attempt to clean my house. It is a disaster! Justin said, "our laundry lady quit." I had to laugh and said she won't be back anytime soon...until we have no clothes to wear then she will be forced to come back! How do you second time mom's out there with toddlers and one in the oven do it? Bless your hearts!

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